Our Cafe Performers

"Now that the world is standing still, people are asking for stories" Achira.

Usha Venkatraman

Usha Venkatraman is a Mumbai based award winning storyteller, author, classical vocalist, puppeteer and radio show host, who believes in the power of stories and keeps the ancient art of oral tradition alive with stories that transform and inspire. A versatile teller with a wide repertoire of folk, traditional, literary and beguiling mythical tales, Usha adapts […]

Masako Carey

Masako Carey was born in Tokyo, Japan. She is trained as a kindergarten teacher, interpreter, and cultural trainer. She met her Irish born husband through business and came to Northern Ireland 20 years ago. She always loved reading but also watching animated Japanese folktale stories on TV as a child. The combination of her experience […]

Geraldine Nanjala

I am Geraldine Nanjala from Kenya. I am a teacher of English and Kiswahili as well as librarian and storyteller at Ndege primary school. I’m looking forward to telling you some of my favourite stories for children from my heritage.

Chandrika Joshi

Chandrika Joshi is a storyteller and a Hindu priestess based in Cardiff , Wales. She came as a refugee to the UK from Uganda in 1972 . Her father was a Hindu priest and a Kathakaar who told long epics from the Purana and the Itihaas texts , often set to music in the format of […]

Diana Peers

Diana Peers tells traditional and modern tales from Scotland and around the world. Her sources are many and varied, including myths and legends, fables, animal tales and modern favourites. Her approach to storytelling is interactive to engage and stimulate her audiences. To complement her voice, percussion, song and music can be used to great effect […]

Despoina Aristeidou

(Fb name Despina Ariou-much easier to pronounce). Born and bred in the little island of Syros, Greece,  where -after travelling a bit around Greece and Europe- I have returned to live with my family of husband, daughter, cat and two dogs. I am a teacher of English and Spanish as second languages since 2007. Following […]

clare goodall

I am a Storyteller and Musician and I tell stories, give talks and play music often in historical costume. I’ve taught people medieval dance in Westminster Abbey and told the Iliad at Fringe Festivals. I’ve run banquets where we re-enacted the battle of Agincourt or the death of King Arthur. I’ve played medieval music at […]

Clare Smith

Clare Smith Clare spent almost 30 years as a journalist, much of that time as a health correspondent for the BBC. Major stories she broke included the Liverpool Children’s Hospital (Alder Hey) organ retention scandal which led to reforms in health services around the world and Harold Shipman, one of the world’s most notorious serial […]

Ismail Bahddou

Ismail Bahddou is a story teller from the gate of morocco desert , from a village named   Zagoura. he tell in english  and Tamazigh.


FIrst edition of the Marrakech International Storytelling Festival

Rona Barbour

Rona Barbour: Born in Glasgow, one of 8 siblings to registered blind parents, she is a mesmerising, hypnotic storyteller. Coming from a very long line of celebrated storytellers, she has been writing and telling stories since early childhood. She has been described as “The Godmother of Storytelling She has won many awards and received acclaim […]

Sue McWha

Sue McWha is an English teacher from Johannesburg, South Africa. She is currently teaching English as a Foreign Language to adults from all over the world.  Sue inherited her love for storytelling from her father and great-grandmother, who would tell the most marvellous stories about heroes and magic and all things fantastical. Sue believes that […]

Catalina Figini

The trip started in 2009, after finding too many tails without heads. When Catalina met stories, everything fell into place for her. Since then, she has been journing with them, learning with them, and going wherever they take her. She has developed and participated in different projects which are, in one way, different forms of […]

Cath Edwards

Cath Edwards professional storyteller who delights audiences at festivals, in storytelling clubs and at many other venues across the country. Working mainly with traditional material, she creates a series of compelling images that will stay with you long after the story is ended. She tells stories to all ages from adults to families and the […]

Amy Bruton Bluemel

Amy Bruton Bluemel is a registered member of the Chickasaw Nation, storyteller, artist, and a member of the Chickasaw dance troupe Chikashsha Hithla. Her appreciation for cultural awareness came at an early age. She was raised in a military family; she lived in Germany, Okinawa, Turkey, and Scotland before returning to her Chickasaw roots in […]

Simran Nagwani

Simran Nagwani is a professional storyteller and a theatre artist. She believes listening to stories develops a better theory of mind and emotions. She believes, stories connect us to ourselves and the world. Telling stories is her passion and she enacts them in, her unique way. Since 2017 she is associated with Secret Passages Theater […]


Baba-C, GMS – the DMV’s foremost interactive Griot/Master Storyteller, a native Washington, DC (Washington, DC USA), has been described as a “Creative force of Nature.” Ambassador, mentor, father, educator, motivator, community activist with a career spanning over four decades. Baba-C’s accomplishments include: Extensions of Creative Expressions Literary Workshops, Tomorrow’s Voices Apprentice & Leadership Workshops, and […]

Fiona Collins

Fiona is a community storyteller who lives in North Wales. She tells stories in English, her mother tongue, and Welsh, her second language. She loves telling stories indoors and outdoors, and has even got used to telling them on zoom!  

Ailsa Dixon

Ailsa is a young Aberdeenshire apprentice storyteller passionate about traditional tales, both Scottish and international.

Rock the Casbah

À special edition of our monthly fund raiser, lead teller Ian Douglas and featured Riad Les Yeux Bleu.

Chef Mohammed Essakhi

Mohammed Essakhi is a Moroccan born chef who has worked in the restaurant business for thirty years.

Cathy Carson

Cathy Carson I am a cancer nurse, a counsellor, writer and spoken word performer from Northern Ireland . I have performed at festivals, charity events and for local radio and television. I use storytelling and poetry to narrate my own journey in a way that creates empathy, healing and hope. I’m really looking forward to […]

Maria Gillen

Maria Gillen   Storyteller in Residence   with Kerry Writers Museum Maria spent 22 years in a Global Multinational environment, spending her last 4.5 years as a European Operations Manager.  Maria became a Biodynamic Therapist (graduated from the Centre for Biodynamic and Integrative Psychotherapy, Galway 2007), and graduated from the MA programme in Dramatherapy Maynooth in […]

Hannah Need

The Storyteller of Southfields

Moth & Butterfly

Moth & Butterfly is an Arts Collective based in the West of Ireland, celebrating the art forms of storytelling and improvisation. We host regular nights, as well as other arts engagements throughout the year. Our first festival is 19th-21st February 2021. Thank you very much for supporting us.     https://paypal.me/pools/c/8wAW4BRyJW

Rachel Murray

Rachel Murray Rachel is a resident storyteller at Matlock Storytelling Cafe, and has been telling stories since she was ‘nowt but a slip of a lass’. From telling her first stories to stuffed animals and long-suffering pets, she soon graduated to telling stories to her Mum who would then draw pictures to go with the tales […]

Manuela Kelly Calzini

Manuela is a Storyteller based wherever her flying carpet takes her in the world. She shares her time between Tuscany (Italy), Northumberland (England), and Geneva (Switzerland). She is a warm, engaging and lively storyteller, she tells stories in both English and Italian. Manuela has pursued her passion for storytelling in a wide variety of settings […]


Clown, esoteric wanderer and musician in fact an all round zany guy

Mike Facherty

He has told stories at fetes and in the local parks

Have a Laugh in Lockdown

WSC together with The Society for Storytelling and Get a Word In Edgeways invite you to join us and tell a joke or just laugh your socks off

Zahra Afsah

Storyteller from Tehran

British Moroccan Society

BMS is a registered Charity in the UK and dedicated to the promotion of links and understanding between Morocco and the UK

Worldwide Story Round

In conjunction with Get a Word in Edgeways. A bi-weekly story round . Everyone is invited.

David Heathfield

Storyteller who tells tales and runs workshops in the UK and around the world.

Theresa Kelleher

Theresa was born within the sound of Bow Bells to Irish parents. Out on the streets she was known as the ‘little Irish girl’, at home admonished for her cockney accent. Growing up in the very heart of London with her summers spent in the landscapes of Ireland, Theresa’s storytelling is a reflection of that […]

Young international tellers

An open-mic program of young international storytellers

Zouhair Khaznaoui

Storyteller from Morocco

Csenge Virág Zalka

Storyteller and author from Hungary

Liz Mangual

Storyteller from New Mexico

Jan Williams

Storyteller from Essex

Dawn Ellis

Dynamic teller specialising in stories from the Caucasus, passionate about the natural world and mythology

Antonio Rocha

Award-winning storyteller from Brazil

Lillian Rodrigues-Pang

Internationally acclaimed, award winning storyteller from Australia

Deepa Kiran

Storyteller from India

Jo Henwood

Teller from Australia


World Storytelling Cafe curator, John Row hosts a panel and storytelling discussion every Monday at 6pm BST.

Raine Geoghegan

A poet and prose writer of Romany, Irish and Welsh descent who shares tales of the English Gypsies (Romanichals) through poetry, monologue and song.

Sharon Jacksties

Sharon Jacksties www.sharonjackstories.co.uk has been a professional traditional storyteller for 30 years. She has a particular interest in stories and place. This film of traditional animal stories, told on location in the Somerset landscape, is inspired by her new book ‘Animal Folk Tales of `Britain and Ireland’ which has also informed the course she will […]

Colin Urwin

Colin Urwin is a professional folk singer, songwriter and storyteller from the Glens of Antrim in the northeast of Ireland. Mainly influenced by traditional Irish and Scottish music, he has been playing and singing folk songs for over four decades.  In recent years Colin has been working closely with world renowned storyteller Liz Weir MBE […]

Alastair K Daniel

Alastair K Daniel is a storyteller and educator who enjoys telling tales to the young and the young of spirit. He tells in schools and club settings and, through his work as an academic at the University of Roehampton (London), Alastair aims to inspire young teachers to create classrooms rich in story and storytelling.

Maria Papanikolaou

I studied History and Journalism and I worked for many years in publishing houses. I have a Masters degree in Social & Cultural History from Leeds Beckett University, UK (MA of ARTS). The last 10 years I combine storytelling with educational programs for children, in Museums, Cultural Centers, Schools, Art places, etc. I love working […]

Irene Lofthouse

Irene uses words to inspire all ages, regularly appearing at arts/literature festivals and children's events; she's regularly booked by schools, museums, libraries, theatres, community groups, NHS, charities and more to facilitate bespoke sessions.

Bob Kanegis

A storyteller from New Mexico who lives the storyteller life and works with Native American Pueblo schools.

Fabio Lisboa

Brazilian storyteller and author with a degree in Languages and a postgraduate degree in Storytelling. Storytelling Trainer who has performed/taught in Brazil, Canada and the United Arab Emirates. He writes in Portuguese (and sometimes in English) at www.contarhistorias.com.br

Kingdom 1000

Marking 1,000 years since Britain’s Danish conqueror Canute granted all people living in Britain, rich or poor, the equal right to petition the king.

Storytree Young Tellers


The Three Sorrows

A one-off event exploring this much-loved Irish classic, hosted by John Row

Recovery’s Got Talent

A one-off event featuring some very special performers, hosted by John Row

Rob Cloney

Original stories and traditional tales from the forests of Canada

Samia Malik

Passionate and easily understood across international frontiers

Epic Tales

Using the power of storytelling to boost your children's confidence in literacy, numeracy, science and more.

Anna Mudeka

Multi-talented Zimbabwean performer, now living in East Anglia, UK.


Keeping Irish Traveller musical traditions alive for future generations.

Tithi Dani

Poems in Hindi and English from an award-winning Indian poet with a love of Russian folk tales.

Frances Roberts Reilly

Heritage tales and poems of Gypsy/Roma family and community, journeys and landscape.

Calvin Cumiskey (Magpie)

teacher, writer, storyteller, therapist, puppeteer and fool!

Mike Rust

Veteran of the British Storytelling Scene

Christine Willison

Christine has been telling stories for over 30 years

Paro Anand

A multi-award winning writer from India.

Ahn Sook Kim

Ahn Sook helped to organize the Korean First International Storytelling Festival in Korea (2018/2019) Ahn Sook has kindly offered that any tips be given to FEAST (the Federation of Asian Storytellers)

Peter Optical

Actor. Writer. Director. Fir-eater. Wire and Stilt Walker. Juggler. Musician, Mime and oral Storyteller.

Jeeva Raghunath

Writer and experienced storyteller from India

Gilly Southwood

Storyteller, story practitioner, author, educator and facilitator.

Lucie Andersen-Wood

Co-founder of the worldstorytellingcafe.com

Usifu Jalloh

Storyteller with roots in Sierra Leone

Shelly Verma

Performance Storyteller from India

Donald Nelson

Storyteller from Glasgow

Mike Jurkovic

2016 Pushcart nominee, poet and storyteller

Rory McLeod

Ex-circus clown and fire eater, one-man-soul-band, storyteller and poet

Katrice Horsley

Experienced Storyteller from the UK

Adriana Ene

Well-known radio and tv journalist from Romania

Norman Perrin

Storyteller from Canada

Polina Tšerkassova

Storyteller, multi-instrumentalist and anthropologist from Estonia

David Driver

West Yorkshire writer, poet and broadcaster

Marion Leeper

Storyteller from Cambridge

Jay Leeming

Storyteller and poet from the US

Ellen Sjömålen

Swedish storyteller from The Land of Legends

Chris Warren

English Poet and performer

Giorgiana Elena Popan

Romanian Storyteller and actress

Amy Douglas

Award Winning Storyteller, performer, promoter and advocate for the past three decades

Nana Tomova

Sussex based storyteller from Bulgaria

Carl Merry

Storyteller from Essex

Tamar Eluned Williams

Welsh award-winning Storyteller

Deeptha Vivenkanand

Indian Based Storyteller who loves to tell stories about stories, strong women, and political satire.

Paul Richmond

“Assassin of Apathy – power of words / humor - on the unthinkable, the unsolvable, to analyze to digest to give birth to creativity and hope.”

Kirsty Hartsiotis

Gloucestershire-based storyteller and writer

Trevor Millum

a writer of… poetry for children and adults, short stories, a novel, books of local interest, education resources.

Roger Jenkins

Award winning Singaporean storyteller

Clare Bevan

Bracknell’s First Poet Laureate

Julie Stevens

Jumping Jules, a poet from Cambridge

Philip Nanton

a creative writer and spoken word performer from Barbados

Sue Hardy-Dawson

Yorkshire born poet, artist, and illustrator

Ian Whiteley

English poet, singer/songwriter and performer

Roger Stevens

An award-winning poet, author and musician.

Paul Cookson

Best selling poet and musician

Donavan Christopher

aka RAPPAMAN, Respect All People.

Nick Toczek

A legend in the poetry world, curator of our World Poetry Cafe

Tom Phillips

Tom 'the Tale Teller' Phillips

Mark Fraser

Storyteller, illustrator and writer.

Lisa Schneidau

storyteller and environmentalist

Cath Little

Gifted Welsh teller.

Órla Mc Govern

Renowned Irish teller and playwright

Lorenzo Caviglia

Our Italian master teller

Sarah Lloyd-Winder

Folk tales from Japan and Iceland, and tales of adventurous women from around the world.

David Thompson

Hold onto your hat as David whisks you away.

Jota Villaza

The leading traditional folk teller from Colombia

Emily Hanna-Grazebrook

Magical, heartbreaking, hilarious!


"La Juje", from the province of Jujuy in Argentina

Gary Cordingley

Exploring the connections between oral and visual storytelling

Laura Casillas

"The Story-Lady" From Guanajuato, Mexico

Chip Colquhoun

Renowned children's teller and educator

Sola Story

Bringing metaphors and tales alive

Suzanne Arnold

Warm and inclusive tales from Suzanne the Storyweaver

Maria Credali

traditional tales to take you on a journey of magic and myth.

Hannah Brailsford

Captivating & compelling children's teller

Sef Townsend

Traditional tales and stories collected on Sef's extensive travels

Clive Pig

Children of all ages love Clive's lively shows

Janina Vigurs

A children's teller who rejoices in the ridiculous

Justine de Mierre

A passionate, energetic and inventive storyteller who delights in connecting playfully

Giles Abbott

Giles is in huge demand as both a writer and performer.

Eamonn Keenan

Stories of heroes, the fairies, ghosts, witches, death and love

Amanda Edmiston

storyteller and writer with a background in herbal medicine

Veronica Chambers

An animated style of telling that sucks you in

Su Squire

Magical tales from a very special guest star.

Pauline Cordiner

Scottish Stories from a rising star

Baden Prince

A dynamic performer known for his dry humour.

Mike Dodsworth

Magical tales from the deserts, mountains and forests


Storyteller, Poet, Percussionist and Lyricist

Shane Ibbs

Inspired by folk and fairy tales around an open fire

Sharon Carr

Fantastic Canadian teller with a rich and varied repertoire.

Riikka Palonen

A barefoot forest girl from Finland

Debra Weller

Florida based teller and educator

Isabelle Hauser

Magical stories & harp from Switzerland

Trudy Terry

Our Texan teller from the borders with Louisiana

Liz Weir

Irish teller with a Global reputation. Awarded an MBE in 2019

Maria Whatton

A magical teller who will transport you to another place

Alice Morrison

Alice Morrison is an adventurer and confirmed Morocco-phile

Richard Hamilton

Passionate about Moroccan storytelling.

Cafe Clock Tellers

Continuing a thousand year old Moroccan tradition.

Gary Bridgens

Veteran of festivals and outdoor performances

Ian Douglas

Fun, inviting and light hearted, with a unique ability to connect

Gayle Ross

Member of the Cherokee Nation, and legendary teller

Dave Tonge

Teller of irreverent tales from many lands

Juliana Marin Fryling

Travelling teller from Colombia. aka Achira

Shonaleigh Cumbers

Renowned teller from the Yiddish oral tradition

Paul Jackson

Legendary teller and Chair of the Society for Storytelling

Kim Weitkamp

Renowned North American storyteller

Daniel Morden

A teller with passion and relish.

Hugh Lupton

Passionate for the hidden layers of the British landscape and related stories

Taffy Thomas

Iconic figure in British Storytelling

John Row

Much-loved and respected curator and storyteller hosts 'Connecting the World' series every Monday.

Alexander Dickow

Bilingual poet writing in English and French