Gary (Gacko) Bridgens is a Showman and Storyteller from Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria, UK.
He has been an outdoor artist for the last 36 years after packing in his last proper job building weapons of mass destruction for the British Ministry of Defence.
He spent many years playing music at festivals and seasides with Britain’s last remaining seaside Pierrot Troupe (The Pierrotters) alongside waggling dollies as one half of the comedy double act Poppets Puppets. In 2010 he created a solo show, Trunks, and now spends his time pushing his lavish cart (Dolly) around telling stories and singing songs at people.
He mostly performs at festivals but has also enjoyed large scale walkabout projects inspired by the legacy of past itinerant showmen, such as Walter Wilkinson. Pushing his cart through towns, villages and cities telling stories, living off generous audiences who fill his hat…and glass. He wrote a blog from the very first journey.
He is inspired by the great Taffy Thomas – but actually Taffy as a Fabulous Salami Brother in advance of his Storytelling Laureateship, therefore his style is largely influenced by music hall and variety as well as the folk tradition.
Although they are currently disrupted by C19, he is working alongside Ian Douglas developing The Gift of the Gab – a storytelling show designed for theatres and festivals.
Gacko is the official Fool of Muncaster Castle and Troubadour to The King of Piel Island



Stories with Gary Bridgens

July 24, 2020 4:00 pm