What can I bring?

Packing for the festival? If you would like to help and have spare room in your luggage, these are the things that would be most helpful.


We would like to grow our collection of books at the World Storytelling Cafe into a library as a 365 days a year resource for cafe visitors including young Moroccan tellers.  Books in all languages on all storytelling related subjects are welcome.  Whether it’s copy of your own book, a duplicate from your collection,  or a book you have purchased to donate, all will be well used and very much appreciated.  Special mentions here for Norman Perrin who donated the foundation books for our collection, and Bob Kanegis who is bringing these intriguing books for the second edition. Please donate at the storytelling cafe, or hand to any of our festival volunteers.



We are ambitious for the education outreach part of our festival. In partnership with the education authorities we plan to hold one hundred storytelling workshops in the Marrakech region reaching more than 3,000 children.   With each group we plan to leave a Story Sock containing thirty small everyday objects to encourage story creation as well as instructions and suggestions on how to use them as prompts.   Coins, marbles, dice, animal figures, thimbles…….  any contributions you have are welcome as long as they can be safely handled and will easily fit in a sock.  Please donate at the storytelling cafe, or hand to any of our festival volunteers.



The Mountains near Marrakech get very cold in the winter above the snow line.  Our friends at the Association Inna Hnna are the middle of their “Operation Hiver Chaud 2023” to bring as many warm clothes as possible to the communities they serve in the High Atlas.   They need warm clothing and blankets for people of all ages.  These will be collected at the Riad Arabesque venue, or hand your donation to one of our festival volunteers.



We would also be delighted to accept pens, paper, art materials, or books, especially books related to early years language acquisition and language learning.  The will be used at Henna Cafe or donated when our tellers visit schools to run workshops.  Henna Cafe is the collection point for those things, or hand them to any festival volunteer.