UK based Mike Dodsworth can be found telling stories just about anywhere an audience can or will gather and his Storytelling adventures have taken him far across the seas of the World and back to the fields and towns of home…so expect to hear magical tales from the deserts, mountains and forests alongside captivating fireside favourites told with an impish glint in his eye. But don’t be fooled! Throbbing beneath a thin veneer of frivolity lies a philosopher in search of wisdom, good sense and fair play. Theatrical in style, Mike also teaches Storytelling at leading drama conservatoire E15 Acting School, helping to prepare new generations of performers for their journeys ahead.




Live Stories with Mike Dodsworth

Start time: June 23, 2020 6:00 pm GMT

Join Mike for a live stories by visiting www.worldstorytellingcafe. An unexpected problem in a village leads to devious trickery from one of its residents. A girl leaves the safety of her village and goes on a dangerous adventure into the forest!