A fairy tale believer since the beginning of her time, Isabelle Hauser discovered the path of storytelling when training with renowned storyteller Liz Weir in Northern Ireland in 2012. She believes in the inspiration found in stories, that music is a universal language, and that magic is all around us. It is only a matter of how we look at the world. As a storyteller and harpist, Isabelle aims to create a space for her audience to see that reality, too. Or to just provide them with a break from everyday life! Whisking people of all ages and origins to long ago and far away with music and story is her greatest passion in life.

Based in the heart of Switzerland, Isabelle performs as a solo artist and in collaborations such as The Celtic Fragment (storytelling with two wonderful musicians) and Märlinger (a fabulous group of four female storytellers and one musician). She is co-host of the Story Story Podcast and at the beginning of 2020 launched FABULA, a bi-monthly storytelling event with another storyteller, in her hometown of Zug. Her performances have taken her all around Switzerland, to Austria, Italy, Ireland, and most recently to Dubai, where she was invited by The Storytelling Company to contribute to the project «Quarantine Stories – Fight Fear With Culture» with stories and music.

Isabelle is generously forwarding all the proceed from his virtual hat to the Cafe Clock Tellers in Morocco, in the knowledge that tellers in Morocco have the additional challenge of being isolated at home in a developing country.