Su fell in love with stories in her bedroom and local library as a child growing up in Glastonbury (the town not the festival, although she loves it there too!) Her passion for the power of stories as magical gateways into other worlds where anything can happen and things often turn out for the best has grown ever stronger over the years.

Su ambled her way into storytelling on a meandering route through theatre in education, community arts, street performance and children’s theatre. Before moving to Norfolk she resided in the rolling hills of Somerset where she ran the community theatre programme at Bridgwater Arts Centre for seven years, toured schools with storytelling performances and workshops as Tilly the Talespinner, worked as a writer, director and performer for children’s theatre company Blue Moon and wrote and performed two solo theatre shows for regional touring and the Edinburgh Fringe. For many years Su also frolicked in the fields of Avalon with annual appearances performing walkabout street theatre at the Glastonbury Festival (where she first met and groomed the luxurious beard of festival legend John Row!)

Su has been known to spin yarns at festivals, schools, parties of all kinds, yoga retreats and increasingly now in her own living room! Her spoken word act, ‘Suki SilverTongue – Bedtime Stories for Grown-Ups’ is currently part of the Inn Crowd rural pub tour programme with The National Centre for Writing and Creative Arts East.

Su is currently collaborating with a number of other artists and practitioners to develop storytelling performances and workshops for healing and wellbeing.

Her repertoire is eclectic, with shades of light and dark, ranging from irreverent nonsense tales to soulful stories from the heart.



Mad as a Hatter with Su Squire

August 14, 2020 4:00 pm