Nick Toczek (pohoto above by Gaynor Toczek) is an English writer and performer. He’s a best-selling children’s poet, magician, puppeteer and creative writing tutor. As such, he’s toured globally as a writer-in-schools and has published dozens of books.

His most recent books include Voices In My Head (poems for adult readers, Caboodle Books, 2020), Dragons Are Back! (dragon poems for all ages, Caboodle Books, 2016) and Haters, Baiters and Would-Be Dictators (a history of racism and anti-Semitism, Routledge, 2016).

He’s also released hundreds of tracks of poetry and songs, most recently Shooting The Messenger (a CD album of songs with Signia Alpha, Mutiny 2000 Recordings, 2020) and The Bavariations Album (a CD album of songs with Thies Marsen, Not-A-Rioty, 2019).

Nick is also a columnist, reviewer and features writer for the UK music magazine R’n’R. He has his own weekly radio show, InTOCZEKated, on BCB Radio.

We are honoured that Nick is curating our Poetry Stage



Usha Venkatraman tells stories for children

Start time: December 16, 2022 6:00 pm GMT