The trip started in 2009, after finding too many tails without heads. When Catalina met stories, everything fell into place for her. Since then, she has been journing with them, learning with them, and going wherever they take her. She has developed and participated in different projects which are, in one way, different forms of hosting a moment, opening an invitation to connect with oneself and others under the light of stories.

Workshops, story circles, performances, trips… she has worked with adults and, mostly, with children of all ages. Libro Puente (The Bridge Book) is one of these invitations: a community project which aims to create bridges between groups of children from different regions. The book, made through a series of workshops in one location travels to the next one, where it becomes the cornerstone for other children to gather, observe, reflect and find ways of telling others their life experience. You can visit the blog to know more:

Catalina Figini is an Argentinian storyteller now living in Ouarzazate, Morocco. She loves playing, singing, dancing, and is very happy to be a part of this world community.


Catalina fagini with stories for children

Start time: August 20, 2021 6:00 pm GMT