Dave is a jobbing teller of tales, an itinerant journeyman who performs at museums, heritage sites and schools, from Lindisfarne Holy Island in the north of England, to Arundel Castle in the south. He works regularly for English Heritage and national museums like the Ashmolean and British Museum and has written three books,Tudor Folk Tales, Norfolk Folk tales for Children and Medieval Folk tales for Children

Dave is gleeman – storyteller in residence to the Stonemason Guild in Norwich and specialises in costumed historical storytelling of period rich and often irreverent tales shared by the poorer folk long ago. But of late he’s ditched his costume in favour of normal clothes and a fine trilby hat and can be heard at storytelling events including Taffy Thomas’s Tales in Trust and Festival at the Edge. That said, many of his performances still have an historical flavour with sets like Tavern Yard Tales and Dame Fortunes Wheel.


Dave Tonge tells stories for children

Start time: January 14, 2022 6:00 pm GMT