Hannah Need

Hannah Need was always the storyteller in her family. She would tell and perform stories for
anyone that would listen. She loved to tell not just ‘Once upon a time tales…’ but also share
anecdotes, news and chat about family traditions, keeping these memories alive. Her love of
words and language led her to practice as a Speech and Language Therapist for nearly 20 years,
enabling people to find the words to tell their stories.

After a change of heart, perhaps a premature mid-life crisis and having children Hannah’s love of
words, language, and all things story, led her into the world of storytelling.

When Hannah tells stories there is often a contemporary twist, a personal anecdote, observations
from life around us. Her stories take you on wonderful journeys of escapism whilst her candid
observations and willingness to share sometimes difficult life events often ring true. As you listen
to Hannah’s stories unfold, you’ll definitely laugh, may shed a tear, or just feel that you’re not the
only one going slightly mad during lockdown! To describe Hannah’s storytelling in 3 words, would
be to say its generous, gentle and gorgeous.

Hannah’s storytelling work has taken her all over the place, including schools, gardens, festivals,
art exhibitions and more recently the wonderful world of zoom and audio storytelling. Whilst
missing live audiences Hannah delights in the opportunity to meet and collaborate with
storytellers and audiences from this country and around the world.


Any stories Right now remembering what day it is, is challenging enough, so let’s keep it simple. ‘Any Stories’ is a storytelling show where no-one knows what will happen, at least not yet. So why not come along and see how it plays out? Join Hannah Need, Storyteller of Southfields, for an evening of superb storytelling. You’ll escape into stories, traditional tales will have a twist, personal anecdotes, observations and perhaps a smattering of news will be skillfully added to the mix. A few happy endings will even be thrown in. If you’d like to know a little more…..Imagine its February 2021, we’re in the midst of another Lockdown, concentration is fleeting, zoom overdoses are common and cabin fever is rife. So how on earth can plans be made for a storytelling show in June? Don’t you love deadlines! Then, an idea….’I’ll just keep it simple and tell any stories that pop into my head’. Its an exciting idea, the stories will be pertinent, heartfelt and definitely leave you with a smile on your face. This show is brought to you in partnership with Wandsworth Arts Fringe 2021.