Chandrika Joshi is a storyteller and a Hindu priestess based in Cardiff , Wales. She came as a refugee to the UK from Uganda in 1972 . Her father was a Hindu priest and a Kathakaar who told long epics from the Purana and the Itihaas texts , often set to music in the format of ‘akhyaan’. With her mother telling stories of powerful women in folk tales that she had learnt from her own mother and her father narrating akhyaan, Chandrika feels she has stories in her blood. Her strong belief of equality for women in all spheres of life made her follow her father’s footsteps and become a priest (still a rarity) which she ties in with her work as a professional storyteller. She works in schools, temples and other venues and tells stories to both adults and children. She tells Indian mythological tales as well as folk tales. She uses singing and chanting in her tales.


Chandrika Joshi tells stories for children

Start time: June 24, 2022 6:00 pm GMT