Founder: Story Arts Foundation, multi-lingual storyteller, educationalist, festival organizer, independent research scholar, TED x speaker, writer & voice-over artist. Her vibrant style of music-movement rich, oral storytelling is inspired by Indian oral traditions. Her performance & story-arts-based education programs, universally appeal to multi-cultural, multi-lingual sensibilities, yet it is strongly rooted in the local culture and identity.

Deepa has been in the fields of education, communication & performing arts since 1998. She has worked globally and across India with over 1,00,000 lakh children, Trained over 40,000 teachers from 26 states in India, and also Columbia, Kazhakistan, Thailand, Eucador. At educational institutions, universities, libraries, cultural centres, television, online webinars etc.

Invited to:
International storytelling festivals: Scotland (SISF), Iran ( Kanoon), Austria (AISF) and South Africa, Indonesia. * First Indian storyteller to perform in Iran

National Festivals including – Kala Ghoda, HLF Hyderabad Literary Fest, VJLF-Vizag Junior Lit Fest

Festival organizer: ‘Damadikiya’ – World Storytelling Festival, Hyderabad, India : hosted & collaborated with many international storytellers- 2018 & 2019

Guest Lecture

International Training Program at EFL English & Foreign Language‘ on Indian oral raditions’ for 800 professionals from 50 countries – Egypt, Bhutan, Russia , Panama, Sri Lanka, Chile etc.
IIT Chennai – Storytelling and pedagogical possibiltitiesin teaching English
TISS Hyderabad – Visiting Faculty (2015-18) English Literature Course

Resource Person
* CCRT – Centre for Cultural & Resource Training (for Teachers)
* AIL Manual – NCERT (Art-Integrated Learning Manual for teachers) for Central Government. Authored children’s book – The Royal Mistake, paper book & audio book.
* National Award for Best E-Content: National Television UGC: Teacher training video on ‘Storytelling: Pedagogical possibilities in English Language Teaching’ for, from CEC – Consortium of Education Communication, 2015-16
* ELTREP India award, British Council: Research grant award for English Language Teacher


* Gold-medalist: Central University, Hyderabad. MA English Her unique style: multi-lingual, music-movement-rich, interactive, theme-based Shows & Workshops cover a range of subjects: folk lore, history, mythology, mysticism, math & science, gender issues & ecology.

She tickles the imagination of young and old listeners with her carefully crafted content & unique style of delivery. Her storytelling unravels simple, or scientific or soulful themes with equal ease.

In such a diverse country her work gains impetus from the ability to connect through language. Deepa speaks four languages fluently and sings in many. She has received much love from the press –digital and social media including regional, national and international press.

Deepa lives in Hyderabad, India.



Live Stories from India with Deepa Kiran

Start time: August 29, 2020 2:00 pm GMT