Hailing from the Wilds of Wicklow but now living in the East of England, Veronica has told stories for over 20 years, although still claims to only be 21. Co-host to Bards Aloud in Ipswich, she loves to enthuse audiences in her interests that include food and drink and let them walk away thirsting for more.
Having a family who were integral to the Irish Cultural renaissance and having worked with refugees and migrants in her past, she tells tales that have been passed to her from the communities she worked with as well as ones she was told as a child.
It was during her work with refugees she came across a man called John Row and their first encounter was feisty to say the least! Thanks to that day, down the year’s John and Veronica have shared many stories jointly and uniquely.
Veronica has an animated style of telling that sucks you in, although this is her first time telling digitally so she asks that you please be gentle with her!