Hannah Brailsford has been described as ‘captivating, compelling, high-energy and fun. A storyteller of irresistible and charming tales. Her love of stories was cemented as a child when her mother told her a magic story each night before bed.

Although, Hannah has been a professional performer for over two decades, she started her journey into and earning her living from storytelling in 2010. Telling stories to both young and old alike, she is driven by a passion to engage and inspire through storytelling and is thoroughly enjoying the experiences and lessons this path is providing.

Hannah loves to weave new worlds and adventures, taking her audience on a journey into both traditional folk and modern tales from around the world. She is particularly drawn to stories from Eastern Europe which she attributes to a life changing visit to Russia as a teenager.

Hannah’s own story has found her telling tales in all sorts of places, from woodlands and clifftops to piers and trains, in theatres and churches to windmills and hospitals.

She is the founder and owner of Tiny Tales Storytellers, a company that specialises in engaging children, schools and families through storytelling and holds storytelling residencies at Southend Theatres and Jacqson Diego Story Emporium. In 2016 she co-founded Spinning Yarns Theatre to bring storytelling to adult audiencethrough regular events in Southend on Sea where she lives.


Hannah Brailsford and Ava with puppets

Start time: April 30, 2021 6:00 pm GMT