Amy Bruton Bluemel is a registered member of the Chickasaw Nation, storyteller, artist, and a member of the Chickasaw dance troupe Chikashsha Hithla. Her appreciation for cultural awareness came at an early age. She was raised in a military family; she lived in Germany, Okinawa, Turkey, and Scotland before returning to her Chickasaw roots in America.

As the great-granddaughter of Eastman Kaney (an original Dawes Commission enrollee), Amy’s a proud member of the Chickasaw Nation. She often performs with the dance troupe Chikashsha Hithla during nationwide tours. She shares Chickasaw customs (and those of other southeastern tribes) with audiences of all ages through lively programs at schools and museums across the country.

Amy was one of 36 Native American artists chosen to show and sell her art at the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian, Native American Art Market in Washington DC 2019. She also shows and sells her creations at powwows and festivals throughout the United States.

Amy lives in Austin Texas with her husband, Carl, and two daughters who have also taken to Chickasaw culture and stomp dance.