Manuela is a Storyteller based wherever her flying carpet takes her in the world. She shares her
time between Tuscany (Italy), Northumberland (England), and Geneva (Switzerland).
She is a warm, engaging and lively storyteller, she tells stories in both English and Italian. Manuela
has pursued her passion for storytelling in a wide variety of settings since 1992. She is a performer
and a facilitator working in the field of EFL (English as a Foreign Language). She has worked in
theatres, nurseries, schools, libraries, museums, book shops, festivals, and educational clubs. She
loves finding stories to fit a special theme or occasion as much as putting together her own
concoctions. She has made storytelling a core aspect of her teaching and uses stories to develop
her own students' listening and speaking skills, critical thinking skills and creativity.
Manuela also leads workshops and training sessions for educators and teachers in Italian, Swiss
and English schools. Her repertoire is drawn from traditional stories, fables and tales. She is
fascinated by intercultural storytelling, and has learned many stories from all corners of the world.
She encourages active and lively participation from her audiences and often uses movement and
puppetry. She is an EFL teacher, trainer and author.
Manuela tells stories with children, teenagers and adults of all ages whether they are learning
English or Italian as a foreign language or simply in their home language. She is particularly
interested in the power of story to create connections between people.
More recently Manuela has joined the team of volunteers at the Hands up Project where she
connects online with children in Gaza for weekly Saturday storytelling sessions.


Manuela Kelly tells stories for children

Start time: January 26, 2024 6:00 pm GMT