Cath Edwards professional storyteller who delights audiences at festivals, in storytelling clubs and at many other venues across the country. Working mainly with traditional material, she creates a series of compelling images that will stay with you long after the story is ended.

She tells stories to all ages from adults to families and the very young. As well as mainstream storytelling, she has particular expertise with those with a range of special needs and with early years.

Her children’s stories are full of fun and joining-in, her stories for adults are thought-provoking, atmospheric and entertaining.

Cath is co-host of a storytelling club for adults in Lichfield, she is author of West Midlands Folk Tales and Warwickshire Folk Tales, and she is an experienced and successful workshop leader and trainer.

She was co-director of the Martineau Gardens Storytelling Festival for several years and she is now a team member of the Get a Word in Edgeways Festival

Her website is