Giorgiana Elena Popan

Hello! My name is Giorgiana Elena Popan and I’m from Romania. I have been an actress for 12 years and a storyteller for 9 years . I am from Arad: a nice little town on the border with Hungary.

Since I have discovered  the beautiful art of storytelling through my friend and storyteller Mihaela Blaga from the County Library of Arad, I began to tell stories everywhere – in schools, kindergartens, corporations, hospitals, churches, parks, centres for the elderly and more.

But my real entrance as an international storyteller was in 2012 when I participated at The International Storytelling Festival Kanoon in Iran.  From there I represented my country with Romanian folktales in Kenya, Thailand, Canada, India, South Korea and all over Europe.

Also from 2012 Mihaela and I have organised the first Storytelling International Festival The Magic of of the Word from Romania in Arad. This year we”ll  have the 9th edition. Through our Storytelling Association, we’ve opened a Storytelling Centre for children aged 5.

I love our folktales, our  costumes, our Christian Orthodox traditions so….this is me, the Romanian storyteller Giorgiana Elena Popan.


Stories for Children Giorgiana

Start time: April 16, 2021 6:00 pm GMT