Lucie usually (before lockdown at least!) splits her life between Hertfordshire and Marrakech. In Hertfordshire she works as a Psychotherapist, Chartered Counselling Psychologist and Clinical hypnotherapist.
In Marrakech she has become an amateur architect and designer through renovating enchanting Riad hotels with her partner, Mike Wood and a team of talented craftsmen. They welcome guests into the heart of this beautiful city which has become their shared passion. She has co-founded the Henna Cafe-a charitable education project which educates over 100 children and adults.
Lucie and Mike were in the middle of creating a storytelling venue in the centre of the medina of Marrakech-a project for empowering marginalised groups as well as invigorating the dwindling storytelling culture of Marrakech.
Lucie originally trained as a Speech Pathologist and worked with children with diagnoses of autism spectrum as well as adults with mental health and learning difficulties. She retrained as a Psychologist and Psychotherapist in the USA as well as the University of Surrey and the University of Wolverhampton in England. She worked as a Senior lecturer in Psychology at De Montford University and Birmingham University and as a child developmental researcher at the Institute of Psychiatry in London.
She is the author and co-author of several papers and books in the area of Communication and Child development.  She currently works in private practice where she uses an integrative approach addressing issues that we all experience such as stress and anxiety-related conditions, confidence, relationship issues, grief, PTSD and depression. She uses a reframing narrative approach often through hypnosis or gentle visualisation using the power of the subconscious mind to change our inner story about our past traumas, our present challenges and our possible future life. Lucie also runs wellness retreats in Marrakech, the UK as well as online.
Lucie is passionate about the transformative power of stories in all our lives.  With each story offering an opportunity to learn about other people and other cultures but also giving us the chance to examine our own values, hopes and dreams.


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