Juliana Marin (@achirastories) is a nomadic traveling storyteller from Colombia, who, like the bards of old, makes her way through the world by selling words. Wearing a colorful dress and a great big smile, she’ll approach unsuspecting strangers in parks, cheerfully announcing, “I’ve come all the way from Colombia to tell you a story. Would you like to hear it?”

That worked fine while hitchhiking through Latin America, but in Europe… let’s just say people are more afraid of strangers! But what most matters is the listener, so Juliana is constantly seeking to adapt to each culture and reach people in their own way, because no matter the country, people are hungry for dangerous stories. Brave, bold, raging stories, that scream from beyond time, it’s a beautiful life, how DARE we waste it?

Juliana graduated in 2015 from the Vivapalabra Storytelling School in Medellin, but shortly after another epic adventure to understand storytelling around the world, she experienced a tragedy that left her spirit so broken that she thought she might never again travel, or be a storyteller.

But, determined to heal her soul or die trying, after several dark years of silence she went to live alone in a cabin in the woods. There, she learned to listen to the stories of her own soul. Through shamanic dreaming, the stories of healing that had been inside her like seeds, finally, lovingly, began to grow.

Now, in 2023, she’s back on the Road, indefinitely, this time with her partner, a young soldier with plenty of his own stories to share; happy, whole, and more convinced than ever that stories can revolutionize reality.


She’s come all the way from Colombia to tell you a story.

Would you like to hear it?




Please support Juliana as generously as you can afford to via the virtual hat below. What may be a relatively affordable sum to you will make a big difference to her in Colombia.


Juliana Marin tells stories for children

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