Tom ‘the Tale Teller’ Phillips is a part-time professional storyteller, part-time author, part-time Operations Supervisor running a museum and country park and a full-time husband and father of 2 very energetic little ones.

Starting his life as a trained primary school teacher, Tom began telling his tales to his class on a Friday afternoon before venturing into grown-up storytelling. That was nearly 15 years ago. In this time, Tom has told stories across the land at storytelling clubs, in schools, at festivals big and small, and other social clubs (his favourite being a wine and beer club).

Alongside that, Tom has always had a passion for writing and has used his storytelling and knowledge of folklore to help him write several articles for Folklore Thursday. Following this, he had the chance to write Leicestershire Folk Tales for Children for the History Press, shortly followed by Forest Folk Tales for Children a year later. Both of these books are available now.

Tom has always loved stories, from his Dad telling him Brer Rabbit stories at bedtime to telling his own children stories around the fire in the garden, stories and storytelling run through his veins. His animated and loose style engages and captivates audiences of any age.


Tom Phillips – live stories for children

Start time: November 6, 2020 6:00 pm GMT