Hallo everyone. My name is Carolyn Emmerson and I am a puppet-making storyteller, originally from the villages of Derbyshire. I have been storytelling with puppetry professionally since 1994. Tippety Twig; a Woodland Elf; was the first, but I have since made many others.

I tell traditional folk tales, rhymes, poems and songs, as well as original material, in which Mirthful Merry, Tippety Twig and the others are the heroes and Tippety Twig ‘writes’ and recites poems about his friends. My puppets ‘have a life of their own’, joining in with the storytelling spontaneously, in a similar way to children, making the performances fun and unique every time.


Carolyn Emmerson tells stories for children

Start time: May 19, 2023 6:00 pm GMT