Linda Schuyler Ford grew up  Sleepy Hollow, NY, wandering the very hills that inspired beloved author Washington Irving, and listening to the magical stories of her English and German ancestors. No wonder she became a storyteller!

Now a Floridian, she enjoys traveling  the East Coast offering storytelling concerts and workshops for all ages and abilities, with an emphasis on her two passions: celebrating the wonders of childhood, and uplifting the beauty, wisdom and whimsy of Old Age.

Linda has developed a -story-based retreat for people facing the loss of a loved one through death or chronic illness. She also leads a pre-literacy skills workshop for Americorps Senior Volunteers working with young children. Her children’s program All Together Now brings children together through world folktales, interactive stories, and lighthearted problem-solving.

Stories build bridges to understanding. That phenomenon guides her passion.


Listeners have said:

“I could listen t Linda all day!”

“Linda slips her hand into yours and takes you to magical places, then returns you home, safe, but forever changed. My family and I love her programs.”

“Linda treats every child  with tenderheartedness, inclusion, and fun.”


Linda Schuyler Ford tells stories for children

Start time: August 11, 2023 6:00 pm GMT