Since 2014 our friends at Cafe Clock have facilitated apprenticeships for young tellers as well as hosting magical storytelling evenings on Monday and Thursday evenings. We are excited to host those evenings online at World Storytelling Cafe from Thursday 26th March.

The Cafe Clock Tellers are operating here as a collective and will share the same “hat” for donations.  Morocco is currently in lockdown and tellers are unable to perform in public with the added complication that state support is extremely limited in a developing country environment.  If you can afford to please be generous, even the most modest contribution will go a long way in Morocco.


Zakia Elyoubi

Zakia Elyoubi was born and raised in Fez. She is a teacher at a local language centre and began an association that helps abandoned children in Fez called “Friends of Fez Orphans.” She has been a professional storyteller for 3 years and her motto is “Tell, tell and tell for storytelling changes the world, and if not the whole world, then your own world.” 

Brahim Daldali

Brahim is a storyteller from Sefrou, the North of Morocco. He began his career in Storytelling through the Cafe Clock programme and in 2018, he won the 1st prise at Hikayat Almaghrib Festival in Rabat.

Bochra Laghssais

Bochra was a Storyteller at Cafe Clock Marrakech in 2015-2017. She was trained by master storyteller Lhaj Ahmed Ezzaghani. She holds a a BA in English Literature studies and is very passionate about stories/Hikayat

Mohammed Ajam 

Mohammed Ajam joined the Cafe Clock programme in 2018, inspired by his fascination of Hikayat – the forgotten art of storytelling in Moroccan culture. The programme has opened him up to new experiences and he is excited to share the stories he learns with people of all cultures.

Abderrahim Agouram

Abderrahim loves bringing stories to life stating that “once you know them, you can really feel them and become the characters within, letting your imagination fly with the story.” He has been part of the programme since 2018 and says that it has really enhanced his skills in the art of public speaking, translation and bringing theatre into Storytelling through movements and gestures.

Latifa Amghar

Latifa grew up listening to the wonderful stories told by her Grandparents, and after hearing about the Clock programme, she jumped at the chance of being able to tell stories herself. She states that she has a huge gratitude towards the tradition and being a part of keeping this precious art to survive. She believes that being a storyteller can be challenging but she loves spreading the Moroccan identity and values through stories.

Mohamed Koucham 

Mohammed Koucham is an English student in Marrakech and has been part of the Clock Storytelling programme since 2018. He is very passionate about Hikayat and loves interacting with the audience during his performances, often using humour and making people fall about in laughter!

Zouhair Khaznaoui

Zouhair has been sharing the magic of Hikayat since 2017 in the Clock Storytelling programme. You can often see him supporting the new storytellers with their performances and his favourite stories to perform are the ancient ones that carry moral messages that can be helpful in modern life.



Cafe Clock Stories

Start time: February 25, 2021 6:00 pm GMT