Rhythmic storyteller, multi-instrumentalist, …telling unpalatable truths about broken hearts…social injustice…in songs, that are percussive, bold, lyrical, deeply personal …and have an unexpected edge to them, accompanied by spoons, harmonica, guitar, trombone and-tap-dancing shoes.


An ex-circus clown and fire eater is a one-man-soul-band, and poet. He has a natural troubadour’s talent for weaving magical, musical, storytelling spells accompanied by his own bizarre solo orchestra of distinctive instruments. The spoons, finger-cymbals, bandorea, Djembe-drum, harmonica, guitar, trombone and-tap-dancing shoes accompany the ” rich, raw, deep and resonant ”; voice of this ” singular and liberating performer. ”; ” Expect the unexpected. ”;

McLEOD is a musical Gypsy, his eccentric melodies are infused with influences from Flamenco to Country blues, through to Celtic, East European and Calypso rhythms creating a style of music and songwriting that has been described as ” Intimate, revealing, political and powerful. ”; ” When he sings his songs he will take you on a journey with him. ”; ” Poetry and dance-stories with verve, sharpness, humour and warmth about people and for people. ”; ” Great songs to dance to, infectious rhythms, flying harmonica! ”

An ex-circus clown and fire eater in an Azteca Mexican Circus, Rory has played harmonica and guitar with ANI DI FRANCO, MICHELLE SHOCKED, MICHAEL FRANTI, TOWNES VAN ZANDT, JOE STRUMMER , THE POISON GIRLS, BUTCH HANCOCK, with the West-African guitarist ALI FARKE-TOURE and TAJ MAHAL; and Madagascan group TARIKA. He’s enjoyed creative collaborations with HASSAN ERRAJI, KATHRYN TICKEL and PAUL RODDEN- virtuosos, respectively, of the Moroccan Oud, the Northumbrian pipes and the Irish banjo.


Stories and songs with Rory McLeod

September 9, 2020 6:00 pm

Wednesday, Sep 09 6:00 pm UK time