Shane was told Folk and Fairy tales by his Father around an open fire as a child. He also heard them at Infant school, in the 1960’s. Shane the oldest of 6 children, remembers telling Folk and Fairy stories to his 5 younger siblings. As a father himself, Shane told Folk and Fairy Stories to his own, now adult, 3 children. Shane has also worked therapeutically, using story, with children and adults for over 20 years. He then turned his hand to Performance Storytelling.

He has performed at numerous Festivals in various locations throughout the UK. He has also performed in the Netherlands twice. Shane also tells in Schools; Alternative Education settings; for Blind Groups, for Learning Disabled Groups; at St Ethelberga’s Peace Center in London; In a Prison visitor waiting room for children; in an Adolescent Mental Health Hospital; On many Outdoor schemes with children. As well as in places such as, Woods and Forests, in Yurts, in Tee Pee’s and Marquees, on a Canal Boat Theatre, on a Pirate Radio Ship, around Fire Pits, in Streets, from a Beech Hut, in a Church yard. Shane practices many of his stories with his blind 89 year old father-in-Law. In addition Shane has run his own, very successful Storytelling Club for over 3 years. 



Shane Ibbs tells stories for children

Start time: December 15, 2023 6:00 pm GMT