Lorenzo grew up surrounded by stories: the ones his mother told him (and now he tells others), and those he invented for fun. Growing up, he refined his telling through role play games, improv and theatre. As he explored his perfomative skills he was invited to a storytelling café, and fell in love with the craft. Since 2014, he has trained with Paola Balbi and Davide Bardi in Rome (Raccontamiunastoria), with Monica Morini and Bernardino Bonzani in Reggio Emilia (Teatro dell’Orsahttps), and took part to many international workshops both in Italy and abroad. In 2016 he decided to join Serena Zampolli in a new adventure, and together they founded Cublai Storytelling (Venice). Lorenzo has a degree in Mathematics, and is currently training to become a secondary school teacher in Scotland. In his teaching, he uses stories and storytelling techniques as teaching tools (have you ever heard the story of √2 and Pythagoras? It’s a thriller. No spoilers).