Carl Merry

Born in South Wales I spent most of my formative years either playing cricket or reading. Early encounters with the Greek myths sparked a lifelong love of these tales. As a teacher, I spent twenty-six years attempting to instil a love of literature into teenagers.

In 1985 I discovered traditional storytelling was alive and part of a wider arts scene in Britain. I was immediately hooked and attended storytelling performances and workshops in order to find out more. I then began to use storytelling as an integral part of my teaching, writing a six week storytelling module for year 9 students and telling Chaucer’s tales to “A” Level classes prior to teaching the text.

Since leaving teaching in 2000 I have worked as a storyteller, telling in theatres, country parks, schools, Medieval re-enactment events, festivals, storytelling clubs and community groups. I have run workshops for adults and children, help organise The East Anglian Storytelling Festival, and as a member of The Essex Storytellers have devised storytelling projects based around the history of Essex.



Debut Performance from Carl Merry

May 11, 2020 12:00 am