Chip Colquhoun is one of the storytellers for the Oxford Reading Tree online, and has led storytelling performances and workshops in 8 different countries. He wrote the EU’s guidance on using storytelling in the classroom, as well as 5 productions funded by the Arts Council and 3 books of folklore for children available from all good bookshops. He’s also represented the Roald Dahl Story Companyon ITV, and is Chief Executive Phoenix for Epic Tales.

Chip is donating all funds raised from his World Storytelling Cafe performances towards Epic Tales’ efforts to support parents homeschooling due to the Covid Crisis



Join storyteller and historian Chip Colquhoun on his medieval quest to uncover Who Made England – and why. This brand new second edition features more amazing facts, more fabulous illustrations... and even the Devil! Hear Chip tell some of the stories from the book, some cut from the book due to space, and even one performed on a medieval instrument! Plus buy the book during the event, and watch Chip as he signs your personal copy... Only at the World Storytelling Café! Suitable for all ages from 7+. Support Chip :