Adriana Ene is a well-known radio and tv journalist from Romania, loved by the Romanian children who live in or outside the country for her more than 8 years radio program „The Joy of Stories”.

She started as a reporter for cultural programs at Romanian National Television and step by step she became TV host, producer and creator of television programs for children. After eleven years of television, she developed a wonderful relation with radio shows for children and she is still in.

One day, seven years ago, she was invited to be part of an International Storytelling Festival in Arad, a great Romanian city in the west of the country. With that occasion, she met great storytellers like Jeff Gere (Hawaii), Margaret Read MacDonald (Washington), Alicia DongJoo Bang (South Korea), Wajuppa Tossa (Thailand) and others like them. It was love at first sight of the art of storytelling and from that moment, thanks to Giorgiana Popan, a great Romanian storyteller, she started to really connect with what storytelling means.

She was invited in International Storytelling Festivals in Romania and she also organized for two years in a row the International Storytelling Festival “We are stories” in Bucharest, the capital of Romania.

She followed the course “Next Steps” – storytelling school – at Emerson College, Sussex, England, where she was close to others storytellers from all over the world and of the great Ashley Ramsden.

She told stories for all types of audience and she is telling stories every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday night at TRINITAS TV, a National Romanian Television since 2018.

She is also a host for many cultural events, trainer for children activities, she studies psychodrama and she developed many educational programs including “1001 stories” a two years project dedicated to visually impaired and blind children using Romanian stories and radio techniques.

„Telling stories became a part of myself. I’ve discovered that through stories I’ve made friends, I changed ways of thinking and acting, I helped souls and hearts. Telling stories is a bless”.



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