British Moroccan Society

The British Moroccan Society (BMS) is a registered Charity in the UK (No. 1111703) and dedicated to the promotion of links and understanding between Morocco and the UK.

The purpose of the BMS is to create opportunities for social, cultural, educational, business and charitable activities, continuing to contribute to the strong relations started 800 years ago between the UK and Morocco.

The BMS aims to foster:

  • Knowledge of Morocco in the UK and vice-versa
  • Interest in Moroccan and British culture and art and the development of cultural exchange between the two countries
  • Social contacts between those interested in the two kingdoms
  • Commercial, economic and touristic links and exchanges
  • Educational collaboration and connections
  • Events to raise money for charitable causes in Morocco


Last Boat from Tangier

Start time: July 20, 2021 7:00 pm GMT

James von Leyden worked as a copywriter and travel writer before becoming a novelist. He first visited Morocco in 1985. Fifteen years later, while researching a travel article for The Independent, he came across an old customs house in Oualidia, the Villa La Diouana, which he restored and now rents out as a holiday home. Last Boat from Tangier is his second thriller featuring a Marrakchi detective and his adoptive sister. James divides his time between Oualidia and Lewes, East Sussex.
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