I am a Storyteller and Musician and I tell stories, give talks and play music often in historical costume. I’ve taught people medieval dance in Westminster Abbey and told the Iliad at Fringe Festivals. I’ve run banquets where we re-enacted the battle of Agincourt or the death of King Arthur. I’ve played medieval music at the British Museum and the Tower of London. I’ve talked about the Peasants Revolt, taught people to juggle at Arundel Castle and played crumhorns in pubs. I’ve made balloon animals for people living with Alzheimer’s and live looped medieval
music over zoom

It was a joy to restart doing live events last summer. I’ve been a wandering minstrel at Arundel, told tales at Chalke Valley and continued to be part of the 4th Wednesday Storytellers.


Clare Goodall tells stories for children

Start time: June 16, 2023 6:00 pm GMT