Jeeva has been a professional storyteller since 1997 and is a pioneer of the storytelling revival in India. She is also an author. She has performed in 27 countries and has organised her own International Storytelling Festival ‘Under the Aalamaram’ for the past 6 years. Facilitated many workshops and shows around the globe and trained and entertained more than 25,000 children and adults.
She has written for Tulika publishers and published 12 children’s books and translated over 65 books from English to Tamil.
She has been the creative head of image venture (India)an animation company and Verite productions (Singapore)in concept and scriptwriting.
Awards so far:
Best children’s programme on Vasantham TV, Singapore.
Best entrepreneur award for contribution to storytelling.
“Pride of Asia” awarded by Surin Rajabhat University, Surin, Thailand.
Jeeva’s storytelling style leaves her audience spell-bound. She believes that she herself is the best prop for her storytelling. Her repertoire of stories includes a wide range of Indian and Asian folk-tales, European tales, Family stories, True-life incidents, Cross-culture and modern Stories.
Her Workshops are highly interactive and based on time-tested storytelling ideas. They have also proven effective for varied groups and ages. Topics include storytelling techniques, story development, communication skills through stories, exploring India and developing language skills through stories. 
The settings for these programs include Schools, Colleges, Cultural Associations, Social Clubs, Hospitals, Libraries and Museums, Festivals, Community Centres, Private parties… there has been no limit so far.


Children Stories from India

August 25, 2020 4:00 pm