What a week it ‘s been and what a week it’s going to be at the cafe. 

I am glad this isn’t a television show where I have to judge this week’s winner. How is it possible to compare all these amazing artists and programmes? It’s not but I recommend you take some time to catch up on the amazing and vibrant Usifu Jalloh, New Mexico’s Bob Kanegis, Baden Prince and myself presenting a carnival themed Connecting the World by story featuring calypsonian Tobago Crusoe and members of the Ipswich Youth Steel band among others, a seriously educational and inspiring edition of Kingdom 1000, Raine Geoghegan’s exploration of her Romany roots in poem, song and story with the help of musicians Simon Callow and Rory McLeod, a brand new story from Cafe Clock and a wonderful children’s set Mark Fraser.

In the meantime life carries on apace with Olusola Adebiya aka Sola Stories on Saturday evening and live shows from Lillian Rodrigues Pang from Australia and Fabio Lisboa from Brazil, not to mention Lucie Anderson Wood igniting the creativity within us all on Sunday.

Connecting the world by Story follows Cinderella around the world with tellers from Australia, Texas, Morocco and England before Chip takes us further into an exploration of the history of equal rights with Kingdom 1000 on Tuesday evening.

For those that enjoyed Rory’s spoon and harmonica playing last week on Raine’s program there is a full set from this fine singer songwriter and great friend Wednesday evening and more from the Cafe Clock in Morocco Thursday. I round the week off with a set of stories for children on Friday evening. 

I’ll be seeing you all one way or another throughout the week in the meantime stay safe and immerse yourselves in a world of story and song

John Row, Curator

All performances can be watched again (and again) in our Archive. 



Epic Tales Online: Through the Forest

Start time: September 28, 2020 9:30 am

Both the storytellers from the Oxford Owl's "Traditional Tales" series, Amy and Chip, are joining you to celebrate National Poetry Day, Forest Friday, and all things fairy tale! How many fairy tale favourites can you identify in the picture for this video? You can find at least 6... Meet these characters and many more in Amy and Chip's special forest poem! Then maybe have a go yourself for our Epic Challenge... Plus: teachers and educators should check the Epic Learning podcast at for tips on learning outcomes using this story – including DT, numeracy, and even modern foreign languages!