Kingdom 1000: with Journalist Min Kaur

Start time: September 1, 2020 6:00 pm BST

2020 marks 1,000 years since the UK's first equality law, which laid the foundation for the progress that led to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. To celebrate and discuss this significant millennial, the World Storytelling Café is bringing together storytellers, historians, and creators to explore the themes of equality, diversity, and compassion. Your donations during this event will support Youth for Human Rights. In this episode we are joined by Min Kaur, a journalist for BBC and Sikh channels whose stories highlight communities being left behind. She's also a freelance Mendhi/Henna artist, and will share tips on how you can #GetCreative and decorate your body to celebrate the millennial of equal justice. Plus we'll hear how a young king's quest for love brought out the worst of medieval Britain's aristocracy... After some medieval storytelling and a discussion with Min, there will be a live Q&A for the audience who join us in the Café Zoom Room by clicking "Join story" at PLEASE NOTE: Joining the Zoom room will NOT reveal your face to anyone – all questions are posted via the Zoom chat.