Kingdom 1000: 1000yrs of Equality in Community Theatre

Start time: September 8, 2020 6:00 pm BST

2020 marks 1,000 years since the UK's first equality law, which laid the foundation for the progress that led to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. To celebrate and discuss this significant millennial, the World Storytelling Café is bringing together storytellers, historians, and creators to explore the themes of equality, diversity, and compassion. Where else is as huge, diverse, and inclusive a melting pot of creativity as community theatre? To champion the wonderful social well-being arising from this artform, we are joined by two incredible guests. Erika Sanderson is a regular performer for Aylesbury's Limelight Theatre and innumerable community podcast dramas. Melanie Curtis is the founder of InnerCity Shakespeare, helping youths swap the gangs of LA's streets with those of Romeo & Juliet's Verona! We will also look at notes from King Knut's "Council of Bishops" that led to the first and most influential law of equal justice back in 1020, alongside Dr Alex Devine from Corpus Christi College in Cambridge, and historian and author M.J.Trow. At the end will be a live Q&A with the audience who join us in the Café Zoom Room by clicking "Join story" at (NB: entering the Zoom Room will NOT make your face public – you can ask your questions via Zoom chat.)