Live Story-drawing with Giles Abbott and James Lythe, Ep #6

Start time: June 20, 2020 6:00 pm BST

Viking Myth - telling & drawing for family audience with Giles & James Join us every Saturday at 6pm BST. Giles Abbott tells & James Lythe illustrates live from magical Viking myth. Bring pen, paper then submit your own art to the Gallery at the World Storytelling Cafe! IN THIS EPISODE Gylfi gets talking to the heroes who live in Valhalla & learns how a frightened, feeble youth became a dragon slayer! And he sees one hero more mighty than all the rest, Sigurd, & so begins one of the greatest of Norse myths. It start, of course, with Loki doing something he shouldn't..... Adventure, magic, enchantment, large scaly monsters - come & join us!