Epic Tales Enhanced: Mai the Moor

Start time: September 21, 2020 2:00 pm BST

Our Enhanced Epics are especially designed for advancing readers. But note: we deliberately didn't say "advanced" – your young learners will enjoy these videos at any age from 7+, and will grow their vocabulary as they go! This week we welcome the stunning and agile Sola Story, an African storyteller... and martial artist! Sola combines both arts to bring your young learners an unforgettable, mesmerising tale of a young outcast's desire for revenge – which, like Robin Goodfellow from last week's Epic Tale, doesn't quite go as planned... To discuss the differences between this and the English folk tale from last week with your children, visit epictales.co.uk/shapeshifter There you'll also find a list of the new vocab used by Sola in this story. See how many new meanings your children picked up! Plus check the Epic Learning Podcast for teacher tips on other learning outcomes in this week's Epic double-act – including DT, science, and even numeracy!